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August 15, 2019

6 things you can never miss on your trip

Hello everyone, I am very happy to be with you again and I am so sorry I regret it so much for letting me spend so much time to be able to make another post I promise you I will be more often writing reviews which can help you in your daily life

Starting with my new review today I want to talk about things that can not be missing in a travel bag when we go on vacation in my case my trip starts today I travel today at night but I could not leave without first publishing things that never have to be missing in our travel suitcase let's start

1.  Camera

One of the things that can never be missing in our bags is a camera whenever we go on a trip we look at many very striking things which from time to time we want to have a memory of where we were and what we saw when I say camera we do not have to have a camera can be something with which you can take photos and your experiences of your trip either a tablet or your phone but it is important that we take into account that it will be in the destination we will have many beautiful things which we want to carry memories

In my case I have always traveled with two cameras I take many photos and I like to go prepared the canon camera and my lomography  south beach camera and of course my phone too

2.  Denim Jacket

We always have to carry a denim jacket in our suitcase wherever we go, we can never miss one. I have several reasons why one can never miss a denim jacket in my suitcase, one of them is because we never know what we face when we reach our destination. In the end we do not know if we will face an icy day or a hot day because a good denim jacket I chose this jacket because if it is cold it is perfect for the cold and that it does not go cold and there is heat it is perfect for the sun and it is not a warm jacket and I love it because you can combine it with any type of clothing is perfect for traveling  

3. Mobile Charger and Portable Charger

It is necessary that our phone charger never fails so that we do not have problems in another country without our charger and it is also important to ensure that we always carry with us a portable charger for our neck we know how long the trip is or is there a delay and we will not be able to you use our normal charger we can use our portable charger

4. Hair Iron

Hair iron: the iron will not stay even by mistake. Hair is the cover letter of everyone, especially girls. Check if your iron supports the voltage they use at the destination. Or we will not want to walk with all the hair in our vacations

5.Travel Bag

Apart from our handbag and our suitcase we have to carry an extra bag of

From exploration to our trips being already placed in the destination we will want to get to know places and we have to take into account that we have to get an idea of   what we want to carry when it is time to explore in order to choose the correct bag size and we do not have problems with our belongings

6.  Documentation

and the most important of all our documents in order before traveling, we always make sure to check our documents and that everything is in order, mainly our passport, if we go out of the country remember to always make sure the passport expiration dates among others check if our ticket plane is in good condition and not stained among other things

Well girls here is my little summary about five things that can never be missing in our travel bag I hope you like it and that it helps you a lot in the next adventure you decide to have I hope you like it and have a beautiful day



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