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January 01, 2019


Hi all!

I am very happy to be with you again sharing my experiences with all of you. This day I wanted to dedicate myself to my little students, who are my greatest inspiration every day. This day is the last service of the day; happy, excited and proud of my children has been a long but prosperous year 2018 for our class thanks to the help of Jesus, all have prospered and had a breakthrough during their biblical learning. We have received many of the children and many other things for which they are. Very proud to know what is being done. The best way to have good behavior within the church and influence others or good behavior within the church and carry out. This is a very valuable student in the class and I am very proud because she has prospered. I want to tell you that good luck in the class of young people and the class of young people is more intense, I want to ask Jesus to always prosper me and we always give him the opportunity to learn so that he can continue to advance. your spiritual life this day, we leave you in a stage with Tigo to begin a new stage in your life, we, your teachers, SURIANA CRUZ and MIRNA GISSELLE, we are very proud of you and we hope to follow closely this is a great blessing for our customers and one for us and not for us. Let's have the opportunity to live Proverbs 22: 6 Start children on the path they should follow.
and even when they are old, they will not deviate from it for that reason  
we have to keep fighting so that our children can finish the journey they are our morning church and our future thanks Jesus for blessing our class


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