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June 05, 2018

My Graduation Dress

hello everyone! I am so happy to be able to be with you again I am so sorry because I have a few months of not making a new publication. I have been a little busy to finish my school but I am very excited  to be able to be with you again and show you my new outfit my outfit is an outfit

very special for me because it was the day of my graduation so with this little post I want to take advantage of thanking God for allowing me to finish my studies thanks to Jesus for giving me a victory now I want to start talking with my outfit I want to tell you about my dress black perfect for a casual evening party is perfect dress and a very comfortable dress to our pocket which we can find in Amazon  you can find this same dresses in four different ones in black which is the one I have in Burgundy color that is such a beautiful color that I fall in love with Navi Blue color that is also beautiful and in purple now I want to tell you a little about my heels which are beautiful and very elegant my heels are from Lulus   You can find my sandals in three different colors also in gold, silver and in rose gold my heels are color rose gold and are very comfortable and beautiful for a bright night of partying or a very elegant and special occasion the truth my outfit of today there is not so much to talk about but I am very happy to share it with you I hope that you like and if you want to know in detail about my graduation party write in the comments

I hope you like my outfit guys have Great Day Everyone !😊



  1. congrats my darling! you look so pretty

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  4. This is a very worthy dress that emphasizes the importance of this event and the beginning of a new stage in your life, I really liked your choice.

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