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June 18, 2018

GRAcelyn elegant skirt

hi again everyone! 

 really liked it when I first seen it on the ADA FAYE I am delighted with my beautiful Gracelyn Elegant pleated MIDI SKIRT in dusty rose now I have a lot to tell you about this skirt as it is very comfortable and especially elegant is in one of the more elegant skirts that I keep in my closet will be asked because I consider it one of the most elegant? good is because apart from that it is a very comfortable skirt its colors are very striking and feminine one of the things that I love about this skirt is the fabric because the fabric of this skirt is chiffon one of my favorite fabrics do not ask me why but I have always considered that the chiffon is very elegant and looks beautiful in a woman and although the outfit is very simple if we are using chiffon it will always look very elegant this is one of my reasons why I love this skirt other of my reasons to love this skirt is its spectacular color dusty rose I think the color is a very feminine and beautiful color for several seasons like summer spring autumn and possibly also winter this is one of the second reasons to love this skirt other than I call a lot the attention of this skirt that make her look very elegant by the way are her small breaks in a row that she believes that breaks give her a grace and spectacular elegance you can find this lovely skirt in ADA FAYE BOUTIQUE this and many other varieties and different styles of skirts and dresses and of course if you have any question you can contact the wonderful ADA FAYE who is a very kind, tender and easy-going person she will answer any questions you can have here, I leave the Link Here if you want to ask something more about your clothing line

my purpose for Sunday was to see myself very elegant because for the church it was a special day since a missionary from my beautiful Guatemala brother Brad Thompson visited me a person that God has put in many cities of Guatemala to continue with the ministry of Jesus I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to talk to him and I was delighted with what he told me after that in Guatemala there were 24 churches of the name of Jesus and more than 500 baptized in the name of Jesus now have about 200 churches and more than 22,000 people baptized in the name of Jesus which is a great work done and also had the opportunity to help children who are on the street building more than 370,000 orphans there are too few available for the abandoned abused and neglected children who can not help themselves to be able to hear that my heart became so happy since Guatemala has grown one of the countries in which I grew up more humble the people are very kind and pleasant e all the time always receiving with open hands these missionaries are doing a great job and if anyone is interested in making a small donation HERE is the link of the page where they can make their donation I'm sorry to see you off the subject, but I could not ignore this opportunity to tell you this because Guatemala is going through a very difficult situation difficult at this time and the brother has witnessed what happened there he has removed 10 pounds of as from his home from the eruptionof pacaya volcano is an active volcano located in the Municipality of San Vicente Pacaya in the department of Escuintla, Guatemala. For this reason I ask for prayers for all the people of Guatemala and all the missionaries from all over the world. I regret the note but it was important to me

Now I would love to tell you a little about my shoes that are from one of my favorite stores that is Lulus this is currently one of my favorite stores when it comes to shoes sandals and heels my Perrie Rose Gold Glitter Ankle StrapHeels are at an unforgettable price and there are three different colors to choose as you want silver, gold and rose gold mine are gold rose and is an awesome color I love them because they are very elegant sandals and have a bit of extravagant but simple also then I really recommended this heels I also want to talk to you about my shirt that is white with a few very simple decorations in front this shirt is from amazon there are many clothes that I like to buy there mainly when I'm in a hurry but I love the clothes that Amazon Fashion offers this shirt is very comfortable and cool because it is also chiffon I like it a lot because it is a very clear color and it is a simple design with long sleeves and small decorations on the sleeves also HERE the link of my shirt in case you are interested or would like to see other styles It also offers you very elegant casual comforts and at a very good price I also want to talk about my bag that from Fossil one of my other favorite stores when it comes to bags and watch this bag has always been one of my favorites since I got it as a birthday present from my dad since then I have felt that I have a serious obsession it fossil is I do not think it's that good anyway my fossil bag is already sold out but I want to leave the link of a very similar one HERE is very similar to mine if you are interested and color them are also my similar also has a combination of two colors equal to mine so I think that if you are interested in my bag if it worked the one I recommend you can also find other different styles and other different colors that would be optional for each person but I recommend Fossil bags material is very good apart, it has different options, the bags are perfect for any type of casual or elegant occasion, everything depends on what you want with your outfit below I will leave you some other options of some bags that can be similar to the one that I present I would also like to tell you about my watch which is also Fossil, by the way my watch is navy blue with golden pearls and the most incredible waterproof that is one of the races to love the store of the Fossil watch are to test of water and the material is very resistant mainly when it is leather the boxes where the watch comes are super cutest and very elegant every month they have different designs of boxes to keep and you have a better care of your watch and something impressive after you have three shopping with them you have a free care from the company of fossil for your watch if you need batteries you can go to them three years after you bought your watch to make the change for free or if you need leather change of your watch etc. The store fossil the truth I love has many benefits mainly when you become a very frequent customer Currently my fossil watch is sold out right now but you can get a really similar HERE . I leave the link of a very similar one also fossil but let me tell you that fossil does not take long to get a watch like mine again so if you want to wait to get one like mine, if not , well, the store has many very nice and different varieties I am so happy to be able to share my outfit with you again, I hope you like it and if you have any question you can write it in comments or private message

-I hope you like my post Have a great weekend everyone! 😊




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