hello my name is suriana cruz and purpose for this blog is give you some ideas of fashion modest style and tell you some secrets of my body care hair care skin care etc and wanna tell you a little more about my lifestyle

April 16, 2018

My Dainty Elegant Dress

Hello everyone again! This week I am very excited to share a new outfit. I am verygrateful for this wonderful store where you can get elegant dresses and casual dresses for weddings or other events. I'm talking about the fabulous DAINTY JEWELLS I am wearing the Abbey dress. This is such a wonderful dress. The dress is very delicate and it has very pretty details. The dress is mint colored with quarter sleeved. I love it because it is very modest and elegant. I am so grateful to the store DAINTY JEWELLS. You can find many more styles of casual elegant dresses. I'm wearing the Abbey dress. If you need help you can message them on Instagram and they are so helpful. My shoes are currently sold out but you can find similar ones in PRETTY LITTLE THING. I can really say how much I love the heels. Sometimes I would like to buy them all. These are my little accessories that accompany me today in my outfit this week. I hope you like this outfit. If you have questions or comments, comment down below.  I will leave some heels very similar to mine linked below as well. I hope you have a great night. 😊



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