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March 27, 2018

My Perfect Spring Look

Hello everyone!
This week I wanted to share very little about my perfect style for spring. It's very comfortable and with colors very suitable for the season. Spring is when the flowers start to bloom in different types and colors. I want to start with my shirt that I really like so much. It is so comfortable and its fabric is perfect for this spring. The color is perfect for spring and very comfortable for any occasion. I love the sleeves that I'm practically obsessed with that kind of sleeve. So if I talk a lot about my sleeves don't be surprised.My skirt is from a shop called ROOLEE. They have varieties of dresses that are very beautiful and suitable for our modesty. The skirt is a blue and white and at the waist it has a bow that is adjustable. This is a very casual and perfect skirt for these hot days or to spend a day with friends. I adore this type of skirts because I feel that they are a little more my style. Now to tell you a little about my Cato sandals. They were a valuable gift from my best friend. These sandals, in my opinion, are very comfortable. They are perfect for this spring. I was doing a little research about them and I found some very similar at NORDSTROM but now I saw that they are sold out. I also found some at Steve Madden and at Lulu's. I hope you like the options that I give you. I apologize for posting so late but I have a habit of being inspired at night.

I hope you like this post about my spring outfit. If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments or by my email. Have a great night! 😊


  1. This is a great spring style, in according to editor here, and it suits you very well. If you feel comfortable and confident, it's just perfect!

  2. I love your outfit so much. Especially, I like the skirt and its color. It seems to me, that it was made of a shirt. Is it true?


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