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November 25, 2019

New Bible by scribbling grace

Hello everyone, I am glad to be here again with you and to be able to talk to you today about my new page committed only about my bible and the easiest ways to study them the way we can decorate moderately and be able to add many things to it more useful for our bible and also the way to find the best pencils and paintings for our engraved bible that our bible is very delicate and has delicate pages which we cannot use any type of pencil or paint to make our bible journaling bible All this will be explained in different posts of my blog so today I will be talking about my bible painted by SCRIBBLING GRACE.

I have to confess that for a moment I lost hope of being able to get my personalized bible since I attend an apostolic church which the main language is Spanish and the bible that I use in me in my congregation is the Reina Valera 1960 and it was very difficult to get my bible personalized for the material that was made that edition at the end and after that I decided to leave that and wait for the moment when my bible would arrive until I had a wonderful contact with SCRIBBLING GRACE and now I am sharing the wonderful work that she has done with my new personalized bible she is great and I thank her very much for this wonderful gift she only has one season to make personalized bibles since her time mayor dedicated it to her baby and her family I am not sure if I am doing bibles but n I could miss the opportunity to share your gift

On the first page of my bible I add an envelope in which I keep my separators of some missionaries who have visited us to our congregation or whether an envelope in which I have to keep an offering or other things is a very small detail but I assure you that very useful to keep our bible in a good order and take better care of our delicate pages

On the next page I added some Sticky Notes for some times at some preaching always there and something important that touches one's heart and many times I do not want to stain my bible like this and add something which then will not look good then to do more I quickly use that sticky to write and paste it on the sheet I am going to write about and then when I have time to fix it in a better way in my bible and so I can add my 100% attention to church preaching

On the following pages are only my name and the date I received my bible and then there are the books of the bible which includes the old and the new testament, they will be wondering why some books are painted in pink and the answer is very simple since they will know that all the bibles train a study guide to be able to study it in a whole whole year because those pages in my Bible are intact those books painted in pink are the books that I have studied during the year and decided to do it in this way only because I thought it would be a way for my bible to look more orderly of course apart from the fact that I am studying my bible in a different way book by book from the Old Testament and of course I came up with a way to mark books like this so as not to get lost
And finally the last detail that I loved and I remain delighted with how you can see my bible is notes and the last sheet is signed by the great SCRIBBLINGGRACE and she sent me this beautiful bible with a packaging bag signed by her also very beautiful which I am super grateful since I really like taking care of my bibles and I am very delicate with it this small bag is made of cloth and very useful if the bibles do not know how to take care of them and put them anywhere the bibles tend to get dirty and This bag has made me very useful for me since in it I can keep my bible every time I do not use it and that way I can keep my bible cleaner and better maintained
This is all my summary of today and my review of my bible by SCRIBBLING GRACE. I am very grateful to her for the wonderful work she has done over time. I will be doing some post based on my bible and the care I have about it and the articles that I use on her so as not to ruin her and give her the care she deserves so pending I hope you like her a lot today is post and have a wonderful day 🌞


August 15, 2019

6 things you can never miss on your trip

Hello everyone, I am very happy to be with you again and I am so sorry I regret it so much for letting me spend so much time to be able to make another post I promise you I will be more often writing reviews which can help you in your daily life

Starting with my new review today I want to talk about things that can not be missing in a travel bag when we go on vacation in my case my trip starts today I travel today at night but I could not leave without first publishing things that never have to be missing in our travel suitcase let's start

1.  Camera

One of the things that can never be missing in our bags is a camera whenever we go on a trip we look at many very striking things which from time to time we want to have a memory of where we were and what we saw when I say camera we do not have to have a camera can be something with which you can take photos and your experiences of your trip either a tablet or your phone but it is important that we take into account that it will be in the destination we will have many beautiful things which we want to carry memories

In my case I have always traveled with two cameras I take many photos and I like to go prepared the canon camera and my lomography  south beach camera and of course my phone too

2.  Denim Jacket

We always have to carry a denim jacket in our suitcase wherever we go, we can never miss one. I have several reasons why one can never miss a denim jacket in my suitcase, one of them is because we never know what we face when we reach our destination. In the end we do not know if we will face an icy day or a hot day because a good denim jacket I chose this jacket because if it is cold it is perfect for the cold and that it does not go cold and there is heat it is perfect for the sun and it is not a warm jacket and I love it because you can combine it with any type of clothing is perfect for traveling  

3. Mobile Charger and Portable Charger

It is necessary that our phone charger never fails so that we do not have problems in another country without our charger and it is also important to ensure that we always carry with us a portable charger for our neck we know how long the trip is or is there a delay and we will not be able to you use our normal charger we can use our portable charger

4. Hair Iron

Hair iron: the iron will not stay even by mistake. Hair is the cover letter of everyone, especially girls. Check if your iron supports the voltage they use at the destination. Or we will not want to walk with all the hair in our vacations

5.Travel Bag

Apart from our handbag and our suitcase we have to carry an extra bag of

From exploration to our trips being already placed in the destination we will want to get to know places and we have to take into account that we have to get an idea of   what we want to carry when it is time to explore in order to choose the correct bag size and we do not have problems with our belongings

6.  Documentation

and the most important of all our documents in order before traveling, we always make sure to check our documents and that everything is in order, mainly our passport, if we go out of the country remember to always make sure the passport expiration dates among others check if our ticket plane is in good condition and not stained among other things

Well girls here is my little summary about five things that can never be missing in our travel bag I hope you like it and that it helps you a lot in the next adventure you decide to have I hope you like it and have a beautiful day


February 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day Outfit

Hello everyone I want to share my outfit inspired by Valentine's Day sincerely I consider it one of my most romantic and adorable outfits all my closet and the time something super simple in one piece with which we can play with the styles and not complicate This dream dress is here to tell you that your wardrobe is really missing out. . The sweet floral print is so impressive with its smooth combination of vintage colors, which makes it the perfect piece for the transition from winter to spring. The design of the imitation envelope has all the advantages of a wraparound dress in practical and modest terms compared to a normal dress. It could be a dream bridesmaid dress for any wedding filled with soft neutrals, and our wide range of sizes ensures that every maid gets fit. He's even kind to the infirmary! Its fluid beauty will take you and all those who see you to a dreamland full of flowers that you will never want to leave.

This beautiful dress can be found JESSAKAE and you can get an amazing discount on the use of the SURIANA10 code and even better onTHIS LINKto get your best discount. stylish valentine

My beautiful crossbody bag from FOSSIL is currently in out stock but HERE you can find a super similar one from the same store so far I can say that this one of my favorite bags on all super casual and elegant at the same time

My fossil watch is currently in out stock I can also tell you that I have a little obsession with the watch and the FOSSIL bags, but because they are so charming and always have a unique style in the store it is great.

I am also using my TAYLOR RED SATIN ANKLE STRAP HEELS from LULUS most of my heels  are from this store in this store is always in  crazy and very beautiful styles I am so happy to share Valentine's Day outfit with you I hope you like it and your have many ideas to be able to find your perfect attire for this day and a unique style
seriously I wish you a fabulous Valentine's Day to all


January 01, 2019


Hi all!

I am very happy to be with you again sharing my experiences with all of you. This day I wanted to dedicate myself to my little students, who are my greatest inspiration every day. This day is the last service of the day; happy, excited and proud of my children has been a long but prosperous year 2018 for our class thanks to the help of Jesus, all have prospered and had a breakthrough during their biblical learning. We have received many of the children and many other things for which they are. Very proud to know what is being done. The best way to have good behavior within the church and influence others or good behavior within the church and carry out. This is a very valuable student in the class and I am very proud because she has prospered. I want to tell you that good luck in the class of young people and the class of young people is more intense, I want to ask Jesus to always prosper me and we always give him the opportunity to learn so that he can continue to advance. your spiritual life this day, we leave you in a stage with Tigo to begin a new stage in your life, we, your teachers, SURIANA CRUZ and MIRNA GISSELLE, we are very proud of you and we hope to follow closely this is a great blessing for our customers and one for us and not for us. Let's have the opportunity to live Proverbs 22: 6 Start children on the path they should follow.
and even when they are old, they will not deviate from it for that reason  
we have to keep fighting so that our children can finish the journey they are our morning church and our future thanks Jesus for blessing our class


December 18, 2018

MY Burnt Orange MIDI SKIRT

Hi everyone!

I am very happy to be here with you again sharing my wardrobe with you and in this December season where it is presented, it is about finding all the sweaters in the locker room and all the winter clothes to be able to combine our outfits and be always in fashion . this season of year really is one of my favorites. We can make very fun clothing combinations without rules, always winter clothing helps us to always look good. Today I bring my outfit in December of which I am in love. Today I wear my midi skirt  Brunt Orange from INHERIT CLOTHING COMPANY a gorgeous and beautiful boutique where you can find different types and colors of skirts. This skirt can be found in four different colors in different sizes. I love how the size of the skirt fits perfectly with Christy's midi corduroy skirt is my Favorite skirts of my wardrobe because it represents all the bases of apostolic fashion, the color is perfect for this season of the year or both small, since the bags on each side the texture of the skirt is impressive and has all the factors. Modern style: Button and zip closure, 2 front pockets, belt loops, straight skirt

Material: 97% cotton, 3% spandex.

Color: Burgandy, teal, burnt orange, dark persimmon

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with similar colors. Only bleach without chlorine if necessary. Dry in a low dryer. Remove quickly or hang to dry. Hot iron upside down if necessary.

This midi skirt for women comes in four warm colors and an incredible fit. 

Now let's talk about my sweater that is super soft and hot, perfect for a cold day, but not very cold, you can find it in the FOREVER21 at a very comfortable price, as the girls do not hesitate to try it. I also want to talk about my sandals from LULUS, since I need to know why I do it very well, these are my favorite songs at all times that I can use at any time and all my equipment right now my sandals are sold out, but you can find a similar one HERE my watch from FOSSIL The most beautiful color for this day. This is my outfit of the day. I hope you like it and that you can inspire the girls. I want happy holidays and a wonderful weekend. The girls have a great day.  


August 04, 2018

Snoga Athletics Faux Wrap Skirt Review

a great day for workout I am so happy and excited because I had a lot of time I wanted to come to the park to run most of the time I always ran it on the machine in my house but it is not the same and now that I could do better to do it very comfortable with my SNOGAFAUX WRAP SKIRT I am very happy is a skirt sailor blue color with a little leggings under the skirt very absorbent to sweat and super cool since in these days has been very hot and is easy to suffocate with any clothes this skirt is perfect for workout and very cool you can find the skirt in SNOGA ARHLETIC in five different colors I'm honestly very interested in the SNOGA FAUX WRAP GREY is super cute color and I love you can use my code when your checkout Suriana10 to have 10% off on your purchase until Friday 10 midnight on any ladies full priced SNOGA SKIRT so do not miss the opportunity to get a discount girls with my code Now I want to talk to you about my blouse to exercise is COLUMBIA a long-sleeved hooded neck shirt I like it a lot because it is a hood collar and I do not like much the type of accident that I like the fabric is very cool and the best is the long sleeve to avoid burning my arms and my shoes that say fashion in the template are very beautiful and I am delighted with them my  running shoes sport fitness  AMAZON and really recommend them and finally my bottle of water which is one of my favorite LIFEWAY stores currently my water bottle is sold out but HERE a similar in the same store I hope I like it and finish with my review about my SNOGA Athletic I really recommend girls is a skirt that for the first time I get it and is super comfortable modest pretty and especially fashion I hope you liked my review and the sea of   a lot of help yes have some comment please let me know Have a great day everyone! 😊

discount code in SNOGA ATHLETIC

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